Helping you to know, understand, and accept your story.

Are you struggling to navigate life’s challenging circumstances?

Have you ever reacted to a situation and wondered, “Where did that come from?” We all have! The greater your intensity, the greater the likelihood that it is connected to your story.

Our story impacts how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we move through the world. If you are ready to find support on your journey, I offer guidance through individual story work.

You’re not alone on this path to transformation.

Finding hope and building a healthy life shouldn’t be this hard.

After 30+ years of ministry, and 7+ years in the mental health field, I know what it feels like to confront problems – both personally and professionally.

Some stories hold more trauma, but we all have wounds. I am here to provide a trauma-informed understanding to process your story.

Trained by Byron Kehler, Founder of Story-Informed Trauma Therapy

Step-by-Step Roadmap to Recovery and Growth.

  • Create Safety by Offering Guidance and Encouragement
  • Process Memories and Traumatic Experiences
  • Understand How Your Story is Impacting You Today
  • Transition Into Greater Engagement and Hope for Your Future

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Let’s connect for a quick chat about your areas of need, and to discuss the type of practice you want to build.

You are meant to return from the hardest parts of your life stronger and braver for all you have gone through.

Angela is a top-tier mental health advocate whose detailed knowledge of area counselors and churches is quite literally jaw-dropping; but she is also a humble compassionate leader, a “common good visionary” who is also a pastor. She combines a clear calling and deep compassion for suffering individuals and families with an equally deep passion to bring the community together for God’s kingdom.

Angela is remarkably gifted in facilitating impactful connections that produce meaningful results. Collaborating with Angela significantly expanded my practice and ministry influence.

Jeremiah L. Peck, PhD, Ally Christian Counseling

We have worked with Angela over the past 5 years. She has always been professional, caring, and upbeat. Because she has a heart for serving people, her “thinking outside of the box” approach has been refreshing. Angela has helped us fine-tune our counseling/coaching practice which is now flourishing. We highly recommend the skills that Angela would provide to help your practice/business grow.

Gil and Brenda Stuart, Counselor & Coach,

I am honored to have Angela as a consultant with Charis counseling. I was immediately impressed with her attention to detail and her deep passion for seeking high quality mental health services for the community.  She has diligently interviewed and supported the majority of Christian therapist within this region. God also uses her in the arenas of public speaking and writing.

Mae Soderquist- Bell, MA., LMHC., LPC., Charis Counseling

Angela has invested her career in growing mental health professionals through education and consulting.  I have sat across the table from Angela countless times challenged by the research she shares and moved by the sincere care she has for people.  Both seasoned in ministry and as a business leader, Angela is truly a gifted consultant ready to help you grow as a therapist!

Stacy Oxford Counselor, MS LMHC, NCC, LCPC, Good Talk

Angela has such a devotion to meeting the needs of others around her that she takes the time to develop a deep, personal connection with those she professionally networks with. This has allowed her to have a running inventory in her mind at any given time concerning matching prospective clients with the right therapist. She has referred countless clients to my practice which have all been a good fit. This has made her an important connecting piece in the community; she is truly a godsend.

Rebecca Lomeland, LMHC, Rebecca Lomeland, LLC